Childbirth Education – In partnership with Incarcerated Mother’s Advocacy Project (IMAP) we are providing once a month reproductive health support for parents as well as conducting informal surveys around needs and gaps in services provided at WCCW in Gig Harbor


Group Peer Support – In partnership with the former Prison Birth Project in Massachusetts, Kitsap Hope Circle, and Perinatal Support Washington, we are launching a perinatal support group in 2019 at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW), which will provide services in tandem with Childbirth Education we are currently offering in partnership with the Incarcerated Mother’s Advocacy Project.


Milk Beyond Bars – Native American Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, the National Association of Peer and Professional Lactation Supporters of Color, and Puget Sound Birth Center are providing the resources and support necessary to create a formal program that will help incarcerated mother’s pump and store breast-milk, as well as deliver milk and provide feeding support to caregiving families of children under 2 who are separated from their breast/chestfeeding parent.

Community Based Doula Program –Using an innovative approach to the traditional model of prison doula support, we are redefining the model through community-based leadership, extended perinatal health support, and community partnerships to address to underlying causes of incarceration. By centering the needs of the family as a whole, and addressing the vulnerability that occurs when the maternal-child dyad is separated during the first two years of life, we aim to interrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma at the most formative years of a child’s development while also providing support and resources to family and the incarcerated parent.


Healing Arts Zine Project – We are putting out a call for submission to doulas, perinatal health providers, mothers, healers, and those who have been impacted by state violence to submit art, poems, stories, strategies for self care, spells, meditations, and magic. This collection will be distributed at the National Prison Doula Training in October 2018 to prison doula programs across the country to be shared with incarcerated birthing parents because no parent should have to do this work alone and everyone deserves support.